Membership benefits

National Medical Forum is one of the prominent medical bodies in the country having base membership of more than 48,000+ registered medical practitioners across various specialisations and more than 500 Plus hospitals across the country. Besides this we reach out and connect to more than 6 lakh doctors across the country through our official newsportal Medical Dialogues and its daily newsletter.

Here are some of the benefits of joining:

1.Networking Opportunities: By Joining National Medical Forum, you can connect with a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including 60,000 doctors across 20+ specialisations and 500 hospitals. Networking can lead to collaborations, mentorships, and access to a broader medical community.

2.Access to the latest information and news: National Medical Forum’s official news portal Medical Dialogues, provides the latest medical and health news and insights from leading doctors worldwide.

3.Support and advocacy: The National Medical Forum is a strong advocate for physicians and healthcare professionals. As a member, you contribute to meaningful discussions and positively influence decisions that affect the medical community and patient care.

4.Access to continuing medical education (CME) and Seminars: National Medical forum organises regular training sessions for the members of the medical profession as well as critical participants in the healthcare arena, training them with the latest techniques and as well as methodologies in handling medical issues (including medical emergencies) promptly and effectively.

5.Be involved in shaping the future of healthcare: You can have a voice in developing policies that affect your patients and your profession, thus making a difference in the lives of patients and their families.