Our Activities


Camps- Camps are our basic medium for reaching a target population with respect to a health issues. In coordination with the local healthcare providers as well as local organizations like RWA, police departments etc, we conduct free checkup camps directed to all those who can’t afford/ access healthcare facilities easily

Teaching Seminar/ CME Programs- We organize regular training sessions for the members of the of the medical profession as well as key participants in the healthcare arena, training them with the latest techniques and as well as methodologies in handling medical issues (including medical emergencies) in a prompt and effective manner.

Conferences- we organize regular conferences for updating the medical fraternity about the latest medical developments as well as judicious use of medical know-how in helping the public. We join key opinion leaders of the medical profession in training the general practitioners to get the maximum impact.

Awareness Lectures- We regularly perform awareness lectures on major health issues, directly informing the members of general public as well as others involved on how to deal with health issues. These are conducted in prominent public places ( religious Institutions, Gau Shalas, Anathalayas, Local Clinics, Police Stations, etc) and are done in coordination with local practitioners as well as Resident Welfare Association of the respective areas.

Surveys/ Studies- We perform Area-wise surveys on major health issues, in an attempt to determine the actual situation and ailments suffered by people of that particular area as well as performing exploratory research on various medical issues. This gives us an additive edge of scientific approach and its effects in designing and implementing issue based interventions.

Intervention Programs- Based on the surveys and studies conducted, we design and implement major intervention programs, involving the local healthcare practitioners, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, RWAs, municipalities as well as local organizations to create maximum impact in promoting healthcare.

Teaching Programs- We organize certified three months, six months, one-year/two-year diploma courses/training programs to train new as well as existing members of the health community in developing and attaining new skills in medical field. These programs/trainings pertain to various parts of medical field including ECG, X-ray, Laboratory, nursing courses, etc as well as courses in healthcare management, NABH and many more.