TILANJALI- De-addiction program


Tilanjali- A de-addiction Program

De-addiction Program  –  “TILANJALI”

Addiction is indeed a self-inflicted illness. It slowly creeps in a persons life and becomes overpowering to such an extent that people are alienated from the rest of the world. This alienation in-turn prevents one to fight the disease and overcome their addiction. At National Medical Forum, we recognise the plight of those suffering from addiction and concentrate our efforts towards their successful de-addiction.

“Tilanjali” is a Sanskrit word meaning complete abandonment. It also connotates to “cleanse” or “purge” oneself of the bad habits. Under the name of TILANJALI, we run an extensive de-addiction program and provide start to end support for a person suffering from any form of addiction like drug abuse, alcohol addiction and  various other psychological disorders . We have tied up with experienced doctors and physchologists to help treat various forms of addiction including alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction ( including cigarette and tobacco addiction , drugs addiction as well as various obsessive disorders including gambling addiction , eating disorders, excessive washing, etc .

We adopt scientific approaches to de-addction. We provide medicinal treatment for alcohol and smoking de-addiction as well as psychological support and treatment for gambling de-addiction and other psychological disorders

Under the program, we identify and reach out to people suffering from addiction and become their companion in their journey of deaddction. Post Deaddiction, we also help them rehabilitate back into the society and find suitable employements for those who don’t have it/lost it.

We have also tied up with various hospitals in delhi to provide medicine based de-addiction in Delhi.